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Juice Cleanse

You must PRE-ORDER 24 hours in advance

1 day cleanse: contains 6 sixteen ounce raw, cold pressed juices & 1 homemade nut mylk $63

3 day cleanse : contains 18 sixteen ounce raw, cold pressed juices and 3 homemade nut mylks $189

*These juices will be prepared and ready for pick up at 3 pm the following day after purchase and must be drank within 5 days

Why do a juice cleanse?

Ours bodies are not meant to digest food 365 days a year. The enzymes in raw juice digest our food quickly and turn it into fuel, all while removing harmful toxins and increasing immunity to sickness and disease. So when drinking all the proper nutrients instead of chewing, this allows our bodies to absorb the nutrients immediately and then uses that energy to restore and repair itself quickly.

Once your body gets the nutrients it craves and the enzymes it needs, it will start to burn excess fat, detoxify and start healing..leaving you looking and feeling your best

We recommend to not consume caffeine during the cleanse and to refrain from eating processed foods & refined sugars afterwards.

~Be Teased

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